By Patricia Jones, M.A.

Are we too complacent? Too trusting? Too secure?
Do You Compromise Christ?
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For just a minute, imagine that the United States has left Iraq and the terrorists have followed us home. Which our leaders, at least the Republicans have emphasized many times could happen. Also, the military commanders have stated the same fact. Because we left Iraq terrorism will show up on our own soil eventually.  There has only been one other war that has been fought on our own soil, and that is the Civil War.  We have been lucky have we not?

Actually the terrorists have already left their huge imprint on our soil on 9/11. On that day, destruction was swift, without warning, and very through. Three thousand of us died, on our own soil. And in spite of all of our technological computers and aircraft and satellite systems, defense systems, military surveillance, etc.,  well, let's just say, "they slipped right through the cracks."
But they are coming again they tell us. And much more insidiously this time.  They are already here in the form of secret terror cells across the country, all just waiting for the word from Al Quida to strike us down on our own soil, with dirty bombs, beheadings, suicide bombers, more hijackings, biological and chemical warfare, and heaven only knows what else they have planned. Home invasions would be possible if not probable.  Are you prepared?

They claim to follow God. "Their" version of God that is. The one who promises them that if they can kill every infidel, and American, etc. they will go to heaven and have 70 virgins a piece.  Ridiculous right? But not to them, they actually believe that, and actually believe that they are helping God by getting rid of us.
In the last days, Christ told us that there was a time coming upon this earth that would be so terrible there has never been another time like it before or since. That those days will be so full of tribulation and turmoil that God Himself will come down and shorten those days. The Bible teaches us that in that time, we will flee to the hills and the caves, and it could be in bitter winter, and that we will "hide" from our enemies.

I can't even imagine what it has been like for some people in the Mid-East who live in daily fear of being killed. Suddam Hussein murdered hundreds of men, women and children, who were his own citizens, and every day that the war continues more innocent Iraq's are being slaughtered now by Isis.
So, I ask you, if the same type of terrorists who are now over in Iraq came over here, in the thousands, with their black hoods on, and their long silver swords, and they showed up on your front porch and bashed down your front door, yelling "Allah is Great, down with the infidels" would you join them to save your life, or would you stand up and say I am a Christian
and I will die for my faith?"  After all, they are dying for their so-called faith.

In other words, if someone was going around your neighborhood shooting Christians, would you hide or would you step up and admit that you are one? Because one day, it is going to happen. And Jesus said " if you don't acknowledged me publicly before men, I will not acknowledge you before my Father in Heaven."
Sometimes "Compromising Christ" can take much simpler forms, but be just as damaging as having to give up your life. When you steal or lie are you not "Compromising Christ?" When one of your peers tempts you to do the wrong thing and you give in, are you not "Compromising Christ?" Can we do half the wrong thing and half the right thing and think we are Ok with God?

It is my fear that we are so secure here in America that we think we are invincible. That no one or nothing can penetrate who we are.  We are like the people were in the days of Noah, who laughed at the possibility of a flood that would kill them and engulf the entire world.  We have heard the cry of "wolf" too many times and we have become complacent. And the floods came, and the earth was under water, and the people drowned.
I would suggest to you that you bone up on your faith and relationship with God. Read the Bible on a daily basis, pray to God and form a deep friendship with Him, prepare your family, and store up your goods and have a plan of action should the terrorists show up in your yard, at your front door one day and ask you " Who is your God?"

If you have  a daily strong relationship with God and with Christ you will be alright, regardless if you live or die...your soul will be saved.
When we have sex outside of marriage, when we murder, when we lie and steal, even the little lies and the little items, when we manipulate and con others for our own sakes, when we refuse to help another and when we hoard up our riches and do not share....etc. We are "Compromising Christ"

Remember, He did not compromise us. Not even once .......

Patricia Jones, M.A.
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