Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy
Patricia Jones, M.A.
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Dove Christian Counseling Center is committed to maintaining your privacy and refraining from inappropriately using information about our clients and website visitors. All personal and professional counseling communications with us are treated as privileged and confidential communications. There are limited exceptions to this policy as required by law.

If it appears to the Pastoral Counselor, or if you advise the Pastoral Counselor, that you are about to do physical harm to yourself or others, or that you are engaged in "child abuse" or "elder abuse" as defined in and under local or state laws, the protections afforded by "privileged and confidential communications" do not apply and our counselor is bound by specific reporting requirements and ethical principles to report any or all information that may be required to prevent such incidents from occurring. There may also be limited legal circumstances where she is required to disclose information to third parties, such where a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order requires her to do so.
Patricia Jones, M.A. will not disclose your individually identifiably personal information (for a fee or otherwise) to a vendor who might want to sell you a good or service without your prior consent.

Client e-mail addresses and other identifying information are not sold, rented, or otherwise shared with any other organization, group, individual, or entity.

Our website contains links to other independent websites. Our privacy policy does not apply to these other websites and we recommend that you review their respective privacy policies if you elect to connect to them. We will not be held responsible for the way in which you use or interpret that information.

You may contact us at any time with questions regarding our privacy policy.