Our lives are like waterfalls ...
Patricia Jones, M.A.
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The End Times (Online Counseling) 
Patricia Jones, M.A.
"If therefore thou shalt not watch I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee." Rev(3:3)

This is a very difficult topic to discuss.  Mainly because no one wants to think about their impending death or the impending death of their friends and family. But at the same time, every once in awhile we need to see the "bigger picture" of life, so that we can put things in perspective. If you look at the waterfall picture to your right, and notice the water, it appears to be going downstream. Notice the iridescent color of the white water. It appears to be glowing.
Think of the beginning of your life as being at the top of the waterfall. And the middle of the waterfall is the majority of your life, and the bottom of the waterfall is where you are headed.

Do you notice that the widest point of the waterfall is at the end? And if you compare that to your life, after you die, you enter into eternity, which is much bigger than the 70 or so odd years that you live on this earth.
However, what we do in this life, the decisions and choices that we make, determine where we will spend eternity.  Everything in this world is temporary. You see life and death all around you, every day. Whether you are in the war torn Mid East or other chaotic countries, or whether you are in America, sitting in your own backyard, contemplating the clouds above you on a blue, sunny day.

                           Our Lives are like Seasons
In the fall, the leaves still fall to the ground and die, the flowers wither, the snow falls, and then the spring comes, and life begins again.

But one day, that too will end. In fact, it may be much closer than we think, in this day of terrorism, and suicide bombers, and hi-jacked airplanes, and dirty bombs all just waiting to go off with orders from Al-Quida and Isis.
And even if there were no terrorists, we have our own nuclear bombs, our own weapons of mass destruction, as do several of the European countries. The world is now capable of destroying itself.

The Bible tells us that one day, this earth will disappear, it will roll up and melt in the heavens like a scroll and a new heaven and a new earth will be created.
Read Matthew 24 and you will see that almost all the signs are here, that Jesus said would appear in the Last Days.

I say all of this not to purposely scare you, but to "prepare" you for what is to come. Each person should examine their own souls, their own lives, and realize that just like the waterfall cascades over the edge, we too are going to come to that edge, that cliff, and we are going to go over it into eternity. We all need to prepare for that day

Patricia Jones, M.A.
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