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Patricia Jones, M.A.
Just a note .. I was surfing the net to see what was out there for Christian counseling. Your site is wonderful.. well presented.. easy to use and clear.  Thank you for your presentation and of course your ministry. 
Blessings to you. ( Los Angeles, Ca.)

Review from a Pastor.
Dear Mrs. Jones,

Thank you so much for responding to my email question so promptly. I have been in a lot of pain and when I received your response I felt so much better and I really appreciate your advice. I will be contacting you again after I have tried out some of your suggestions.

Many thanks,

Joy ( Annandale, Va.)
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Mrs. Jones,

"I lost my spouse and best friend last year and have been dealing with unbelievable grief ever since. My despair was so great that I could hardly function or go to work. I was ready to give up, when one night I typed in the words, "Online Christian Counseling" and "grief" and Patricia Jones website came up.
I was especially angry at God and blamed Him for taking my spouse away at this time. When I called Patricia she showed me such empathy and compassion that I felt closer to God than I had in years. She explained the grief process to me and told me about the stages of grief that I had no idea even existed. I now feel like life is worth living again and that there is a future.
I will never regret finding Patricia on the Internet and she has restored my faith in God" 

Mary (Toledo, Ohio)
They just mainly listened and parroted back to me what I already knew.  Dealing with loneliness, depression, and marriage problems I was a complete mess and could not find peace with my relationships or with myself. Patricia Jones was like a breath of fresh air, because not only did she listen attentively but she gave me constructive help and advice that I could actually implement, experiment with, and see results.

Sally (California) 

"When I came to Dove Christian Counseling Center, I was at the end of my rope as far as counseling goes. I had been to secular counselors who never really gave me any constructive advice. 

" I thought that my marriage was over because I have very interfering Inlaws. Especially my mother-in-law who seemed bent on destroying my relationship with my husband. I was ready to divorce him just to get away from her.
When I found Dove Christian Counseling Center and talked with Patricia, she explained to me God's order in the family. She also explained to my husband what God expected his role to be in our marriage.
With this insight we were able to become strong as husband and wife and my mother-in-law lost all of her power over her son. I credit Patricia with helping Jim and I to learn to love one another again in the way that God expected us to."

Betty (Rochester, New York)
 Client Comments:

When I read her email responses to my questions,  I finally felt like I had found the answers I had been searching for most of my life.

Patricia showed me how God was always there for me, even when I thought that he wasn't, and that He had a plan for me if I could just see it.

Now, I would never consider any other type of counseling. My marriage is back on track now, and thanks to Patricia, I am more at peace with my life than I have been for years. I found out who I really am, and who God is."

Lynn (Los Vegas, Nevada)
Client Comments,

"When I made my first phone counseling session with Patricia Jones I was skeptical because I had to pay before I even talked to her. But she responded the same day to my request for a phone session and I am very thankful that I did not lose courage and not call her at our appointed time.

I was amazed at how quickly she zeroed right in on my situation and was right on target with her assessment of what I was dealing with.
What had taken me years to accumulate, she weeded through in one hour and pulled out the "roots" of what the problems were really all about. I was floored!  She helped me to look at myself through God's eyes and look at other's through God's eyes, which gave me an entirely new perspective on my situation. I will be forever grateful that I found her on the Internet."

Bob (Erie, Pennsylvania)
Thank you Patricia!  You have saved my sanity! We had tired everything with our teen-age daughter and nothing worked. She was wearing gothic black clothes and makeup which was as white as chalk.
She went from being a normal, warm and friendly child who loved her family to a complete stranger who hated all of us. This was because she began to hang out with the wrong crowd at school.
She got very depressed and the doom and gloom that she was bringing into our home was making us all sick. 

I will be forever grateful to Patricia Jones who spent hours on the phone talking with my daughter, helping her to climb out of the dark pit she was in, and realize that she was loved by God and by us, just the way she was.
She is now back to her old group of friends, dressing like a normal human being and is a happy and loving participant in our family once again.
I now believe in miracles! Thanks Patricia!

Jane (Denver, Colorado)
 Comments from a Pastors Wife,

As a Pastor's wife who was used to helping everyone else, it was very hard for me to reach out for help for myself and for our family.  But when the congregation turned on us, and asked my husband to leave, it almost destroyed our family.
At Dove Christian Counseling I was able to receive help and advice from Patricia Jones who knew what it felt like, since she was a former pastor's wife and could identify with many of the problems that arise in churches and that minister's wives face. 
I found out that many pastors go through similar problems and that my family was not unique. Patricia was able to guide my husband and I in our pain, and give us direction that put us back in the church and back on our feet, serving God once again.

Diane ( Palm Beach, Florida)
Domestic Violence Victim:

"I came to Dove Christian Counseling center feeling completely empty and lost. I was being battered by my husband, physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally and I felt like a huge ZERO.  I was even contemplating taking my own life because I could see no other way out. My self-esteem was non-existent and I felt terribly guilty for not being able to be good enough for my husband so that he would love me.  Patricia showed me that the battle I thought was with my husband was really not my battle but that the real battle was between my husband and God, not between my husband and me.

She also told me that the problem he had went way back to his childhood and that I was the "target" of his anger at his past. Such a relief I felt, and the removal of all of my guilt was taken away. I am now strong again, free of my abusive husband and am starting a new life, free from abuse and oppression.

Thank you, Patricia!
In both emails and phone sessions, Patricia Jones was able to educate me on domestic violence and the Cycle of Abuse, something that I knew nothing about.  She helped me to see that the problem was not me, but it was my husband and his dysfunctional childhood that made him be this way, and that it really had nothing to do with me, as he wanted me to believe.

It was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders after the very first phone session with Patricia. I began to see a small "light at the end of the tunnel" and a ray of hope, that I thought was impossible.  I think she may have saved my life." 

Cathy (Wichita, Kansas)
Client Review,

Hello. I found Dove Christian counseling after doing a google search on Christian counseling. I immediately decided on the email option as I figured it would serve as a point of reference in the event that I needed to review a previous conversation.
I could have easily gone through free confidential counseling through a company that my employer has contracted with, however, I wanted a Christian counselor and needed Biblical answers.
That was September 2009 and I have not regretted it. Patricia's counseling helped me greatly in many ways. First of all, she immediately got to the root of my situation--something that I was really in denial about and did not want to face, nor did I really know what to do and had no one to turn to (yes, I was praying and I thank the Lord for leading me to this site).
Secondly, through her Biblical counseling, something I had been struggling with for years, she gave me the courage to leave--something I had tried two years prior and even months before finding Patricia, but I wasn't strong enough spiritually to leave.
Many thanks and God's blessings to you Patricia. 

Elizabeth (Fairfax, Virginia)
You have no idea what a wonderful service and ministry this is. I was so skeptical at first! On the Internet you just never know, but I took the chance and am so thankful I did. The reply I got touched all the important areas and provided real answers and WHY I should go in a certain direction. I thought it might just be a quick reply with more questions to me to lead me along just so I would spend more. I WAS WRONG. I got answers! I have been to counselors before and even expensive therapists, but there was always something missing. They just didn't "get it".Sometimes when we have family members or people in our lives that are wicked we have no one to turn to for fear of not being believed.Toxic people are MASTERS at making YOU think YOU are the crazy one! And the privacy of email is a huge deal in today's world. I cannot sing this ministry's praises enough. Sometimes we all just need a little help as a Christian to know what God would really want us to do. Thank you and God Bless!
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Excited about your book


I want you to know I am leaving a review on 'Are you the Family Scapegoat'. I have visited your web page over the years. 

Here is my review:

"If I am the first to review on this book, it will be an honor. I have followed the web site of Patricia Jones M.A. for years. I was happy to see upon revisiting her web page today that she had a book now entitled - Are You the Family Scapegoat. I am a forever a recovering family scapegoat and have remained no contact from my Narcisstic parentage for many years. The counsel provided by what is present in this book has been a God send. These writings have validated a very real and unfortunate type of abuse in family dysfunction. Thank you to this author for counseling into a little known or identified abuse that causes anxiety and depression to its victims long into their adulthood." 
Customers review of Patricia 's Book     "Are you the Family Scapegoat?"
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This website is sent by God

Dear Ms. Jones, I am writing to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for posting the articles on this website. I can't begin to express just exactly how the Lord is speaking to me through your works at Dove Christian Counseling. I've been struggling to the point of physical illness with a toxic family of origin, because I'm a Christian who has completely devoted my life to the Savior and they don't like it at all. I've been mocked, persecuted and rejected, made to feel like I'm insane. I've had mini-crisis biblical counseling at my Church that has helped tremendously. But the precisely packed information you have here has given me the courage to truly know He is speaking directly to me and with full confidence about what I need to do! For example how do we know if we're the family scapegoat? I answered YES to every question. Even the verses that He has reminded me of in the night when I'm pent up with insomnia and emotional pain are the same ones you have posted here about how to deal with the toxic family(shake the dust from your feet/pearls and swine) which also my Church reminded me of and another Pastor friend. Satan is good at causing me to second guess and doubt, because I am needing the courage to walk away from this fam of origin. God has provided me with a brand new Church family where within a year close relationships have developed, caring, supportive and Godly loving friends (family!) What I've run across today on your site is exactly what I am needing. I will be ordering the book. Praise God for you and know that you are ways you may never know the depth of. Bless you and I thank God for you sister in Christ! Sincerely,