Are you an Atheist?

Patricia Jones, M.A.
If you are an atheist you will probably read this. If you are an agnostic you will probably read this. The question is WHY will you read this? And I would dare to say it is because deep within you is this little spark of hope that there is a God. You had no problem believing in the tooth fairy right? Or Santa Claus? Now why was that? Was it because you WANTED to believe that this pretty little fairy would appear, and talk to you, and bring you money in exchange for your tooth? And if you believed in Santa Claus was it because you wanted lots of presents, and you wanted to actually see his sleigh and reindeer? And then when you found out that there really is no tooth fairy or Santa Claus were you incredibly crushed and depressed? Did it feel like the "wind was knocked out of your sails?"
If  you would like to discuss your belief or lack of belief in God with me further, please see below for how to contact me. In the meantime, I know that God is watching over you, even if you don't.

Patricia Jones, M.A.
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I know it did for me. I was really upset.  I was more upset about Santa Claus I think because I had actually seen him putting presents under the tree and eating the milk and cookies that we had left for him. And it was really neat to see those cookies gone in the morning with a few crumbs left on the cookie plate.  And then to see my presents with the name tags on them that said "From Santa." Before I went to bed on Christmas Eve I would always look out my window at the clear starlit sky and swear that I could see Santa and his sleigh in the distance heading towards our house. One Christmas I even heard the hooves of the reindeer on our roof.
But in addition to a belief in the tooth fairy and in Santa Claus I also had a belief in God.  And that is not because any minister or church or Sunday School teacher preached at me from day one. And it is not because my parents talked to me about God either.  It was because at the early age of four, I was living in London, England and my Mother sent me to the end of the driveway to get the mail. And as I walked back towards the house, all of a sudden God spoke to me and said two things.  He said: "You are a separate human being from your Mother and all other human beings, You are your own little person, with all that being human entails" and two, He said that "He was with me always"
Now, some 56 years later, He has not broken His promise or taken away His Presence. Throughout the years, I went to church, grew up, got married, had children, went to Seminary, became a Christian Pastoral Counselor and taught the Bible and traveled all over the world. And that is how I see life, in terms of the entire world, not just our country and our corner of it.

What was interesting though was it was nature herself that always made me feel close to God.  It was impossible for me to look at a mountain, or a sunset, or the ocean, or an active volcano, or a rose, or the fact that every year spring returns, on schedule, as does winter and fall, and summer. If I became upset about something all I had to do was to find a place of beauty outside and God was there.
As I studied the Bible it proved itself to me. It was not like I read a scripture and then had to find the faith to believe it.  As I went through my life, various experiences would occur with people, situations, goals and dreams, etc. and I would realize that what I had just experienced in any of these areas I could also find a parallel experience for in the Bible.  The Bible did not need any help. Whatever it said, came true, or was accurate.

As I matured, and led others to Christ, I would say things like "Ask yourself, why does every tadpole always turn into a frog? Why doesn't it turn into a bird?  Why does a rose bush always produce another rose bush instead of a tulip?  How do the birds only mate with their kind, like why doesn't a robin mate with a bluebird instead of always another robin?
You see, we cannot make something out of nothing. Only God can. We can make things, new inventions, etc. out of things that are already here, but we cannot create them.  Only God can CREATE something out of nothing.

The fact is, when your life goes along smoothly, and there are no crisis, it is easy to forget about God and think that you are self-sufficient. But into EVERY LIFE COMES tragedy, sooner or later. It could be the death of a child, or the loss of a limb, or a terminal illness, either your own or someone you love. And when those times come, and they will, who are you going to call on for help??? When medical science has done all that it can?
And if you pray to wooden gods, and plastic Buddhas, and other idols that you may worship other than God Himself, don't be surprised when nothing happens. Because why would a wooden statue be able to do anything? Ask God to prove Himself to you and see what happens.

God lives in the invisible world and is working on our behalf when we cannot see it.  In fact, He knows what you need before you even ask for it. And then of course ONLY HE can perform miracles.  They happen every day in every area if you are perceptive. There are serendipitous moments everywhere, every day.

To those of you who are atheists.  Wait until you are on your death bed, and then see how much you don't believe in God. There ARE NO REAL ATHEISTS They don't exist. You will find that out then.
You see, there is an "intelligence" in the universe that is ordered. Not only that, everything is perfectly, mathematically, right on the money. Ask any scientist. Also, with each passing day, even the scientists are marveling at how exact the universe is, right down to the last degree.  One degree off and we would freeze to death. If we moved just a little bit closer to the sun, we would burn up.

With all of the comets and meteorites out there flying around why don't they hit us? This earth is traveling through space at 169,000 miles per hour, in orbit around the sun. What keeps us in that orbit? 
When you can MAKE a tree, come back and talk to me.
After you die will you know if you were right or not? If you are right and there is no God, then you will not know it because you will cease to exist.  If you are wrong and there IS a God you will most certainly know it.
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