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Patricia Jones, M.A. 
Good Versus Evil
Patricia Jones, M.A.
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What choice will you make?
There is no getting around it. Life is full of opposites. Hot/Cold; Light/Dark; Up/Down; In/Out; Day/Night; etc. and finally Good/Evil. In fact, almost everything you can think of has it's opposite. And we spend our daily lives choosing between the two. Almost every thought or action we take requires a decision between two things. Should I go to the left or the right?  Should I call or not call? Should I take this job or that one? Should I work or not work? Should I stay up or go to bed? Should I watch that movie or this movie? The possibilities are endless. And so, our days are filled with constant decision making.
In the case of good vs. evil, the stakes are much higher though. Consistently choosing evil can wreak our lives, the lives of others, and send us straight to prison and in the next life to hell. And what most people do not realize is that the road to hell is wide and many are on it. And the road to Heaven is narrow and few will find it. And that is because choosing evil over good usually is much easier. Doing the wrong thing can bring us instant gratification and rewards. And sometimes we never even pay the consequences down here on earth.  Which leads many to believe that they can do anything they want.
We all know people who seem to "get away with murder" over and over again, and who keep climbing up the corporate ladder, or who get all the money, and the cars, and the houses, and the vacations. And they seem to do it with ease, with little or no effort, and success just falls right into their laps.

And then there are those of us who choose the good way, which is really much harder to pull off. It takes more patience  and time, and requires waiting, and hoping, and faith, and perseverance, and character, and morals, and delayed gratification, and sometimes, doing without. Choosing "good" over "evil" many times involves pain and suffering and loneliness, and giving up our dreams for a higher goal.
So when given the choice, which we all are, most of us choose the easy, less painful way, that brings fun, and excitement, and instant pleasure and material goods. We can become so good at choosing evil that it all becomes about "us" and not the other guy. Choosing ourselves over others, brings instant rewards, and there is no waiting or even hoping. We can HAVE IT ALL RIGHT NOW.
At the root of all evil is "self-love" and a lack of respect and disdain for others.  It is seeing others as "objects" as a "means to an end" and once others have fulfilled our desires, it is easy to just discard them.  We become "people users."  Which means that we do not see people as anything other than an object to be used for a certain length of time to reach a certain goal that we have for ourselves. Have you ever known someone who has many friends but no real "one" friend? Who seem to go through relationships like money? With no thought for the broken lives and hearts they have left behind? And who are always looking for their next "victim" to fool?
When God gave us " free will " He might as well have just said, " you are free to choose good or evil in every word, deed, and action that you take." He promised us that we were free to do as we wish.  But he laid out certain laws in the Universe that are non-negotiable. Which is why Jesus said " you will reap what you sow "  Take "gravity" for instance. It is a law of nature. If you jump off of a cliff you will fall DOWN. Make no mistake about it, you will fall.
Another law of nature is that the sun rises and sets every single day. With you or without you.  And you cannot breath in water. If you try to, you will drown. If you set yourself on fire, or anything else for that matter, you and it will burn.

There are people who say that "everything is relative" which is not true. There ARE "absolutes" in this world. For example, a woman is not "relatively pregnant" she is ABSOLUTELY PREGNANT.  The sky is ABSOLUTELY THERE and so on and so on.
I guess it all depends on how you feel about God and Jesus in the first place. If you are an atheist then you can do anything you want since you do not believe in God or consequences. If you think that Jesus is just a "great teacher among many" then you are also free to do as you please.

But it is much harder to believe in God and in Jesus isn't it? Because then you have to be accountable.  You have to be honest and true, and learn things like forgiveness, and trust and giving instead of taking. And those qualities of character require more work and time and faith and hope, etc.
All the time there are forces in this world that are "invisible" but who are never the less acting on you at all times. Yes, demons are real. They are the "fallen angels" whose sin was thinking that they were as powerful as God and who thought that they were equal to God, and that they did not need God. Not only that, but they could be their own Gods.

My answer to them is OK...if you are equal to God then    "make a tree" , or better yet, make the sun go down in the middle of the day, and the oceans rise ten feet.  Create a human being in ten seconds, etc. Obviously , we cannot make or create anything out of nothing, like God did. All we can do, is help Him to reach as many people as possible before they go down that slippery slope to Hell.
Jesus taught us that there ARE "consequences" to every decision we make, even every thought that we think, every word that we say .... and that we "will reap what we sow".....sometimes if not in this life,  we will definitely reap what we have sown in the next.

Which is why He instilled in each and every one of us a "conscious" so that we can KNOW right from wrong, and at a very early age, we do know right from wrong. Some of us are good at pretending that we did not know something was wrong, but they cannot fool themselves and they definitely cannot fool God.
One day, when Jesus returns, we will have to give an accounting to Him of our life. He will be here one day to see what way we chose throughout our lives.  He died on the Cross because so many of us keep taking the evil path in situations.

Don't EVER let someone tell you that there is no such thing as evil. Because evil is a force, it emanates from Satan and impacts on our life every single second of every single day. In the same token a "divine force" which emanates from God, impacts our lives every single second of every single day.  Depending on which one you choose to listen to, and to follow, your eternal destiny depends on your choices for good or for evil.
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