America's Future will be determined by the next Presidential Election

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It is with a heavy heart that I write these words because I am just one person among many. However, hopefully I can touch a few of you who read this and help you come to a decision about who to vote for  in the next Presidential Election in 2016.

I am amazed at the evil that is in this country. And evil comes disguised as an "angel of light" that looks good, sounds good, but in reality, underneath all the nice words, and rhetoric are evil sins of pride, power, control, and extreme pathology and narcissism.  The greatest enemy of that which is excellent is not that which is "blatantly" bad, but that which "appears" to be good."
It is like credit cards. They can give us instant gratification with what we can purchase with them, but down the road they can run us into bankruptcy. They come with "strings attached." And that is how evil works. It does not just blatantly shove itself in our faces, but on the contrary, it subtly, slithers in, like a snake. And if we are not smart, we won't even know what hit us.

However, the recent passage of the Health Care bill passed all limits. It was forced on us, without our approval and basically shoved in our faces whether we liked it or not. So Congress and the Senate no longer represent the people.  This bill is not about our health but about getting control and power  over the people and turning us into a Communist nation. Just look at how many things in our country are now controlled by the federal government. Our constitution did not craft our country to be run by the government but by the people. We are losing our freedom, and when we lose our freedom we lose ourselves.
Take the war in Iraq for instance. America is known for it's ability to show empathy. We can look at another nation and empathize with their suffering. Which is why we are the most giving nation in the world. The people who believe the lies of the devil see that as us "interfering in the lives of people in other nations" rather than see it, as "us giving and helping our fellow human beings."

Sure, we don't have to help anyone. But God requires that we do. Just because we are the most blessed nation on earth, does not mean that God does not care about other nations who are much less fortunate than we are, and for people who are not free. We have been given much by God, and to whom much is given, much is required.
The war in Iraq was not only a very necessary war, but it was a war that needed to be fought and won. Just like God told the Israelites to go into the pagan nations of the day and kill every evil, impure thing or human in those nations, He expects us to do the same today. America did not look the other way when 6 millions Jews were being exterminated by Hilter, so why should we look the other way when millions of Iraq's were being slaughtered by their own government? We are a Christian nation, founded on Christian principals, and God expects us to carry that message to all and to protect every human being who is being suppressed no matter where they live. This goes for Afganistan and Israel as well.

What if the roles were reversed? What if we were the ones being slaughtered by our own government, oppressed, etc. and the other nations of the world "looked the other way?"  Just because the earth is divided up into nations, does not mean that we should stand by and watch millions be killed on a daily basis. It was the "right thing to do" to help Iraq, period. And if we don't continue to fight wars in countries where people are being oppressed, the terrorists are going to end up on our soil, and we are going to be the ones hiding in the bushes.

Actually, the terrorists are already in our country, undercover, recruiting Americans every day to convert to Islam and destroy America and kill Americans any way that they can. We have a President who said "America is not a Christian nation" who himself is an undercover Muslim and who has surrounded himself with Marxist and Communists.
Now what has happened in America is we have a two party system full of greedy, power hungry, politicians who are so caught up in their wealth, and status, and pride, that they will do and say ANYTHING to keep their lucrative positions. They will sell American down the pike, throw human beings "under the bus" and twist  the truth to implement their criminal agendas in order to get re-elected. The hypocrisy in the Senate and the Congress is disgusting. Hopefull, with the new Republican Congress in control this can can be reversed. And hopefully the Republicans will gain control of the Senate as well in the next election.
The current President of the United States is not only very disappointing but  extremely dangerous.  Just ask yourself how in the world does someone come out of nowhere, with only a little more than a year in the United States Senate end up becoming the President of the United States?  And I would venture to say that it is because Obama has some very rich secretive backers financing his campaign. And I repeat once again, that his entire cabinet is full of Marxists, Communists, and  very dangerous people who hate the United States. Obama even said that the United States is not a Christian nation. What??? Has he not read our Constitution and does he not know that 3/4's of the men who wrote it were ministers?  Our entire legal system is founded on the Bible.
Now, it seems that the one who wins the Presidency in this country,  is the one who can raise the most money. What happened to the average man, who wanted to be President for no other reason than that they loved their country and their fellow Americans and wanted to protect this nation and have equality for all? What happened to the simplicity that once was at Jamestown?

What does America really stand for anymore? Evidently, it is alright to not report a drowning for over 24 hours of someone who was in a car with us that went off a bridge and STILL remain a United States Senator.  I speak of  the late Senator Edward Kennedy.  Evidently, it is alright to have sex in the oval office and be impeached, but never really leave office, remain President of the United States,  and travel all over the world making 500,000 per speech while his wife as Secretary of State makes behind the scenes "deals" accepting HUGE monetary donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments who are abusive to women all the while stating that she is for women's rights, etc. This is what narcissistic psychopaths do. They pretend to be something they are not, and they are pathological liars who pretend to care about others and hide behind worthy causes fooling millions while accumulating masses of wealth for their own selfish interests. Psychopaths see people as "objects to by used" rather than as genuine human beings with hearts and souls and feelings. And because of their actions Russia now has control over a fourth of American's uranium which is necessary to build nucular bombs.
Our President and his administration are a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
Evidently, it is alright to get thousand dollar hair cuts and live in a huge mansion but pretend to be concerned about the poor as demonstrated by John Edwards and then go have an affair with some woman, get her pregnant, all while your wife is dying of cancer.  Evidently, it is alright to leave the White House as first lady, yet steal the silverware, the plates, and anything else that was not nailed down in the White House, but then turn around and run for President of the United States, or has Hillary Clinton forgotten how she left the White House as a thief? And evidently it is alright for terrorist to take over our embassy in Bengazi and kill four Amricans, one of which was our United States ambassador and NOTHING is done about it, PLUS this administration orchestrated a huge "cover-up" and lied to the American people saying it was a UTube video, etc. All so they could get re-elected again in 2012. They also ordered our military to "stand down" and did nothing to save those Americans. This cover up makes Watergate look like a picnic in the park.

What has happened to our morals? Now we kill unborn babies, we support gays and homosexuals, which God calls an "abomination" in the Bible over and over again, and we allow pornography on the Internet and in our hotels and movies, and all you have to do is pay for it and viola, it is instantly there. We have mainstream denominations ordaining homosexuals and gays, and we wonder why things are going badly for America?
The reason is simple. We have pushed God out of the equation. We have become a nation full of "gods" and pathological liars whose sole purpose is to win the admiration and adoration of the world because we are narcissistic and evil. We have taken God out of the schools, off of our money, and pretty much mocked God.

America will cease to become a world leader. Just look at history. The fall of any great nation or civilization always was preceded by a lack of morals in that nation.  The fall of the Roman Empire was due to homosexuality among other things. When you begin to worship other Gods then the real God, then don't expect the real God to bless you and protect you anymore.
Ask yourself, who would God vote for in the next election? Because I hardly doubt that God would vote for the person who says "It is ok to kill babies, even if they survive an abortion, kill them anyway."  And I highly doubt that God would vote for someone who says homosexuality and lesbianism is OK, when in His Bible He has called it an abomination.  God does not contradict Himself.

Pray for the people who believe in God and who do not "pick and choose" parts of the Bible and then throw out the rest because the future of this country depends on it. You cannot mock God for long and survive.  The Democrats are the "wolves in sheep's clothing" for those of you bright enough to see through their lies.
In closing, I ask each and everyone of you to pray for God to protect our leaders and to protect our nation, and to allow those who DO follow the teachings of the Bible and who do put God and country first ahead of their own desires to become elected. By doing so we  can restore this nation back to God and to ourselves and give America the future that she deserves.

Patricia Jones, M.A.
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Patricia Jones, M.A.