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Patricia Jones, M.A.

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" Enriching Life with Hope and Direction"
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All counseling is completely confidential
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Please contact Patricia Jones, M.A. if you need some help and advice and a listening ear.

           All counseling is completely confidential.

All counseling with Patricia Jones M.A. is completely confidential.  Mrs. Jones is aware of the delicacy that ministers and their wives face when it comes to needing help and encouragement for their own needs.

Mrs. Jones was a pastors wife for 21 years and is thus very well acquainted with how churches and congregations operate. She realizes that many congregations expect complete perfection from their pastors and their wives and families and do not realize that they are human beings with the same problems and issues that those in their congregations face.

Therefore, Patricia Jones, M.A. is offering counseling for those pastors and their families who cannot afford to let their congregations find out that they too occasionally need advice and help also. She often hears the words "Who is the pastor or pastors wife supposed to go to when they need to unload their burdens and seek help and advice?"
It is especially delicate because pastors do not want their private lives known by their congregations or the community that their church is in. It is only fair that there should be a place where clergy can turn to when they need some help and encouragement.

It is a well known fact that the ministry is famous for "burn out" as pastors are on call 24 hours per day and try to be all things to all people. And their wives have to play a "role" with a smile on their face at all times and be "perfect."

Clergy marriages are susceptible to the same areas of conflict that lay people face, with the added burden of pastoring a congregation at the same time. Clergy families are expected to "set the example" for family life, marriage, faith in God, and helping others. It is no wonder that they cannot continue to do so year after year without some break and refueling.
Patricia Jones, M.A. has helped many pastors and their wives with problems involving congregations, conflicts within the church, pastors who have been asked to leave their congregations, pastors who have had affairs, pastor's wives who have had affairs, or who hate the role of being the minister's wife, or who have to deal with women in the congregation falling in love with their husbands, etc.  The list is endless. She also helps pastors wives who are being abused by their pastor husbands.

Knowing the role of a pastors wife and the role of the pastor she is very experienced in grasping the situations that clergy may be facing. It is for this reason that she is compassionately offering counseling at a reduced fee for clergy and their families. See below for reduced counseling fees.
Discounted counseling rates for clergy & their wives
Please pay first for either a phone counseling session or an email question. After you have made payment you may call me at 1-800-899-7301 or E-mail me your question by clicking on the Email button below.
Dove Christian Counseling Center is offering discounted counseling rates to ministers and their wives. Please see below for instructions on how to receive counseling from Patricia Jones, M.A.
Phone Counseling
One Hour Telephone Counseling Session: $65.00
Discounted Counseling Rates for Clergy & their Wives
E-mail Counseling
Please pay for your email question first and then hit the Email button to write and send your question. Your question should contain background information and list any concerns  or questions that you have about a particular issue or issues. It may be as long and as detailed as you wish. Patricia Jones M.A. will reply back to you via email with an extensive response within 24 to 48 hours or sooner.  All counseling is completely confidential
 E-Mail Question:  $45.00
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